Our Environment

The Boutique by Cypress is committed to preserving your memories as heirlooms for generations to come. We use carefully selected archival materials to ensure your special moments remain vibrant and beautiful well into the future. Part of the commitment is considering the impact we have on our environment. Just as we work endlessly to preserve your photographs and notes, we also want to protect the world around them.

The materials that go into every Boutique offering are carefully considered for their minimal impact on the environment. All pages and museum mat boards are tree and acid-free. Our paper and mat boards are made with 100% cotton linters. Cotton linters are a by-product of the textile industry. We choose papers that are made from recycled materials or highly renewable plants rather than forests of trees. The binder’s board we use, which creates covers and boxes, is also made from recycled materials.

A lot goes into creating these special pieces and we take great care to consider our impact as a business as well. The Boutique by Cypress office is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint by saving electricity through the use of efficient, long-lasting fluorescent lighting and reminders on our light switches to conserve energy. In addition, the office and bindery recycles everything possible, from paper scraps to shipping boxes to cans and bottles in the lunchroom. All paper products in The Boutique office, kitchen, and restroom are made from recycled materials.

The same high standards are expected from our suppliers. All of the paper and mats used in The Boutique by Cypress products are made at a mill that generates its own hydroelectric power. It uses its own water source to create energy, thereby preserving the public source. The mill does not use chlorine bleaching, which is common in the paper industry and quite harmful to the environment.

We believe people choose The Boutique by Cypress not just because we handcraft high quality, long lasting heirloom products, but also because we are proudly committed to working with materials and vendors with the lowest impact on the world all around us. It is our goal to help protect the future and ensure there are countless special moments still to be shared.