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Your wedding day feels like a dream— the flowers, the laughter, the murmurs as you and your beloved walk down the aisle. You want it to last forever.

Yet if it did, how would you grow? How would you roam the streets of Paris together, start your dream career, celebrate your first anniversary? Your wedding is just the start of a journey that will transcend any one day in time.

But for the rainy days, when all you want to do is curl up with your loved one and wax nostalgic, Cypress has designed a box. Think of it as a place to store your memories. It’s a place to keep your wedding day mementos of utmost importance- the ones that will transport you back to your magical day. A dried bouquet, a pair of silk gloves; the note he slipped you when no one else was watching, your written vows; a photograph that was taken as you two slipped away; the final sketch of your dress.

These are objects of immense meaning that will be cherished for generations to come. We can’t wait to see what you’ll place inside!



The soft, worn fabric of your child’s favorite stuffed animal; the scent of a fresh page in the notebook where you take down all of your dreams; the darning stitch that your mother used to repair your favorite sweater; the threads and fibers that sculpt some of our most intimate, cherished memories—the textures of joy.


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In a digital age where so many people keep photos on their computers, it's important to remember that your wedding images are really special and should be handled differently.  Photographer Kirk Mastin shares his thoughts on why everyone getting married should have an album. Kirk really speaks to why I love albums so much. Of course, I also truly love crafting a binding and wrapping the covers to bring together a beautiful story. Every time we complete an album and it's ready to be shared with dear family and friends, the hand-crafted heirloom just makes my heart melt. Enjoy!

Mastin Studio - Your Wedding Album from Mastin Studio on Vimeo.



The Salon Easel is a fine, petite book that unfolds into a beautiful double-sided easel.  This elegant easel displays two images or table numbers.  Simply slide your image or table number in one side of each mat.  The Salon Easel is a sophisticated, elegant frame for your favorite engagement images, table numbers or anything you wish to display at your event or home.  They also make great gifts.

Dimensions (when standing): 6.25 x 8.25 x 4.5 inches